Laundry Labour - Amanda Hilton
Laundry Labour
Amanda Hilton / April 2019

Who loves doing laundry? No one, right? I think it is more the thought of tackling the laundry pile then actually the work of putting the clothes in the washer. For me, the most labour intense part is folding the clothes and putting them all away.

We have 6 people living in our home (and two fur-babies), so having control over the laundry system is a MUST! Thankfully, I’m out of the cloth diaper stage but with a two-year-old… accidents happen. 
I generally do one load of laundry each night (that’s putting it in the washer and dryer and folding in the morning). This helps make the size of my laundry pile seem less daunting. I choose to do the laundry at night to save on our energy costs, after 7pm is off-peak time.
As a Holistic Nutritionist, I like to adhere to a holistic lifestyle for my household. Along with creating my own body care products with my beautiful co-creator (my eldest daughter), we also make our own laundry soap. We have a lot of sensitive skin in our family and I like to avoid harsh chemicals like the plague. So, it just made sense to make my own All-Natural laundry soap. And, I must say, it is AMAZING! Our clothes are coming out clean, fresh and soft. I also use dryer balls in the dryer to fight static and decrease drying time which saves up money on electrical costs as well. Making our own soap also saves us money on purchasing very costly “natural” laundry soap, that may not be all that natural. Our homemade soap equals out to be about 15 cents a load and is completely save for our sensitive skin and the environment. I'm also super excited that winter is finally over (I hope) so I can start hanging our clothes out on the clothesline. 

Next on my DIY list is an all-natural stain remover… because with four children… stains happen!

All-Natural Laundry Soap
1 15oz bar of castile soap (I like the lavender and citrus ones for laundry), finely grated
1 cup washing soda
½ cup baking soda
½ cup citric acid

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