Budget and Money Saving Journey Day 2 - Amanda Hilton
Budget and Money Saving Journey Day 2
Budget and Money Saving Journey
Day 2

July 16, 2022

Amanda Hilton R.H.N.

This morning while sipping my latte (which I made at home cause daily Starbucks isn't in the budget), I made a meal plan and grocery list of a few things I need to pick up at the store. I usually shop at Fortinos because they have a great selection of gluten free, natural food products and organic produce plus I get PC points that I can put towards getting additional groceries. I checked out my PC points offers before making my meal plan so I can max out my points.

I took my list to Goodness Me to grab some great prices on produce. Love that all of their produce is organic and they often have great sale prices on quality food. 

I also went to Fortinos were I checked off the rest of my list and earned 4000 points from my purchase.

When I got home, I used the checkout 51 app to claim a $1.50 coupon and used eclipsa app for an additional $0.75. It's not much but as the small amounts add up... 

This weeks meal plan:

Friday: leftovers (I used the extra stuffed pepper filling from the previous day and added it on top of baked sweet potatoes and topped them with a bit of vegan cheese).

Saturday: tofu, roasted potatoes, green beans and carrot coins

Sunday: sweet potato, black bean, and spinach enchiladas

Monday: gluten free spaghetti with vegan meatballs and side salad

Tuesday: Beyond burgers with kale salad

Wednesday: rice wrap spring rolls

Thursday: buddha bowls

I'll try to post meal picks on instagram @amandahiltonrhn and facebook Amanda Hilton RHN incase anyone needs some inspiration. 

I spent just under $150 to get the essentials we needed for this weeks’ meals plus we will get our organic CSA produce on Tuesday which is $71. I still have some staples in the pantry (spaghetti, noodles, rice...) so I saved a bit on that.
 I’m still working on the new budget but the grocery allowance for the old budget was $525 weekly so I’m doing well so far staying within that budget.

Total Spent $217.46 (groceries + CSA)
Total saved $2.25 + not needing to buy some of the staples I had on hand. 

Overall, a good second day of budgeting. Hope everyone else had a great day!