Budget and Money Saving Journey Day 3 - Amanda Hilton
Budget and Money Saving Journey Day 3
Budget and Money Saving Journey
Day 3 

July 17, 2022

Amanda Hilton R.H.N.

* Day 3 of working on our budget. Today I printed off our bank transactions so I can make a spread sheet of our spending habits over the last serveral months. I used my daughters markers to colour code and highlite each purchase so it is easier for me to add them up and categorize them. 

* I spent some time cleaning and organizing the kids’ rooms. I gathered some clothes that no longer fit them in hope to sell on a Buy and Sell group then will put that money towards back to school shopping. In the process, I realized my youngest daughter is influenced by my oldest daughter in that they both have waaayyy too many clothes!

* Dinner tonight was tofu, green beans with almonds, and rainbow carrot coins. I also made zucchini ravioli for my little (it is her fav and I’ve been promising her I would make it for a week now and I still have lots of zucchini to use up). One package of tofu is usually only enough for the four kids so hubby and I had veggie patties. I buy a couple of family sizes boxes when they are on sale at Costco for tofu night or when my oldest is looking for a quick lunch option. We have a chest freezer in the garage that comes in handy when I can stock up on Costco bulk sales. I had roasted potatoes on my meal plan for tonight but as I was plating dinner I realized that I totally forgot to make them. Doh!

* I ended my night with a glass of red wine because it was open and I’m all about no-waste right now. And to be honest, it was needed after looking at our bank statements!

* We had some money left in our entertainment envelope from our previous budget so the kids went to Flying Squirrel to burn some energy. We are trying to keep them busy and entertained through the summer break which is super difficult when you are also trying to budget. Everything is so expensive right now, especially when there are 6 of us to entertain. 

* My oldest daughter, who has our old car right now, is hoping to buy a new one either at the end of the year or when her current one no longer runs. So, today, I opened a high interest savings account for her to save some of her hard-earned money. I’m really grateful that she is learning about the importance of saving money now. I'm also so grateful that we were smart enough to start an education savings for the kids when they were young. Having loads of debt fresh out of University is an awful feeling and I'm glad we will be able to relieve the kids of some of that (not all since University is EXPENSIVE and increases every year!). 

Total spent today: $41.81 at flying squirrel that we had available in cash from our previous budget
Total saved: my sanity by getting the kids out of the house for a bit and hopefully I can sell some kids clothes to make a bit of money. 

Not a super awesome "saving" day but I feel a bit better getting the savings account open for my daughter and that I didn't let that wine go to waste, so we'll say it was a great day! Hope it was a great day for everyone else. xoxo