Budget and Money Saving Journey Day 4 - Amanda Hilton
Budget and Money Saving Journey Day 4
Budget and Money Saving Journey
Day 4

July 18, 2022

Amanda Hilton R.H.N.

In the morning, my littlest and I met my mom at a local organic farm for some FREE family friendly fun. Little one got to jump on a giant tractor bouncy, did some colouring, had a delicious gluten free vegan s'more cookie and some yummy lemonade. I splurged on some amazing gluten free vegan cranberry chocolate chip scones too, yum! It’s hard to find gluten free vegan treats in our area so I usually take advantage when I do.

In the afternoon, the boys went to a ball game that we had FREE tickets for. Youngest was excited that he caught a few fly balls and got to run the bases during the game. He is preparing himself for his first Blue Jay’s game next month. They also got FREE freezies for returning the  foul balls.

Dinner was supposed to be sweet potato, spinach, and black bean enchiladas but I forgot to add more sweet potatoes to my shopping list. I’m getting majorly forgetful, I’m blaming it on perimenopause, lol. I subbed in regular organic potatoes for the sweet potatoes and they were just as yummy, just a little less nutritious. Check out this delicious meal @amandahiltonrhn or cert.holisticnutritionist

Made a BIG purchase today. My daughter needed a new laptop for University so I ordered her a MacBook Air through my RBC app. I get 2x the RBC rewards which I can use to pay back my balance. This would normally not be within our budget but because we put money in an RESP, we can use that to pay it back.

I finalized our new budget today. It was overwhelming going through months of statements to categorize all our spending. Overwhelming but also eye opening. We figured out some areas where we can spend less and save more. In the end I was able to balance out with a bit of help from a free budget calculator (my money coach). Since July is half over, we are starting the new budget in August. I’m a bit excited to get back on track.

Total Spent: $30 (cookie, lemonade, and scones) + $2000 (Macbook)
Total Saved: $2000 by using the RESP to pay for the computer + 4000 RBC points which equals $40.
Freebies: Entertainment for the kids: baseball game, freezies, bouncy castle, crafts and colouring.

I love when we can find ways to keep the kids entertained at a low cost or even free in a society where everything is increasingly getting more expensive.

Setting up the budget was stressful and I’m super happy it's done. Let’s hope we can stick to it now!

How is your budgeting coming along?