Weekly Meal Plan - Amanda Hilton
Weekly Meal Plan
Weekly Meal Plan

July 24, 2022

Amanda Hilton

This week, I've decided to make a full day meal plan for the week instead of just dinners. The dinner meals are for the whole family whereas the breakfast and lunch will be mostly for me and my oldest daughter. When I have my meals planned, I’m not as likely to just snack on whatever I can grab throughout the day.

Each day breakfast is a smoothie and a macadamia milk latte. Before breakfast, I drink 1 litre of lemon water to help get my body ready for a day of digesting. Lunch will either be a salad, soup or a combo of a bit of each. I’m also planning on making a few batches of some healthy muffins (like the zucchini muffins in picture) and some energy bars/bites which are easy for my daughter to pack in her work lunch. For dinners we are having:

* DIY gluten free pizza and salad
* Twice baked sweet potatoes with broccoli, kale and chickpeas
* Vegan paella
* Brown rice noodles with pumpkin sauce and a salad
* Potato white bean soup
* Vegan chili
* Tofu or beyond sausage with roasted veggies and quinoa

Follow on instagram @amandahiltonrhn or facebook cert.holisticnutritionist for daily menu plan.

I went out yesterday to do my shopping for this week and saved $5 picking up my coffee syrups (member rewards) and $20 at the Superstore with PC points. I also earned 5800 points while at the Superstore. When I got home I saved an additional $0.75 through Eclipsa and $3.00 with Checkout 51.

Total savings of $33.75
Total spent: ECS coffee $20, Superstore $256